Major in Biological Sciences


For students under the ‘Psychology with 2nd Major in Biological Sciences’ programme

The following 6 courses are compulsory
Course Code ​Course Title AUs Semester
BS1001​ ​​Introductory Biology 3 1
​BS1005 Biochemistry I 3 2
BS1006​ Principles of Genetics 3 2
​BS1007 Molecular and Cell Biology I ​3 ​2
BS2001 ​​Physiology ​3 ​1
​BS2004 Molecular and Cell Biology II ​3 ​1
Students have a choice of 5 electives from the Tables A, B and C with the following 2 courses highly recommended:
BS3001 Neurobiology​ 3 AU
BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior 3 AU

 ^Online courses

*BS1101 and BS2103 are considered as ONE Major PE