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Exchange Programmes



Overseas Exchange Programmes allow students to read courses and/or to work overseas. Earned academic units will be counted towards graduation requirements. The benefits of such programmes include the nourishment of the learning experience of students through the following ways: 

- experience of an international education
- developing global perspectives
- cultural immersion
- facilitates any learning of foreign languages
- networking opportunities  

Semester / Special Term​ Outbound Programme​ Minimum CGPA​ Year of Study​ Other Criteria​ Course Matching Policy​​

Semester Exchange (Non-fee-paying)

GEM Explorer 3.3

Study load matching for a maximum of 15 NTU AUs which includes 4 major PEs * + 1 other course types (e.g. UE, GER-CORE, STS, BM, etc)​

GEM Discoverer (Work & Study) # Year 4 standing​

To pass all required interviews by School and/or Company.

Proficient in Chinese language for work and study in China. ​

Matching to BS4222 (Industrial Internship)​
Overseas Attachment Programme #​ To meet all pre-requisites for attachment.​ Course to course matching #​
SUSEP 3.5​ N.A.​ Course to course matching​

Special Term​ ​

GEM Discoverer (Summer Studies) #​ N.A.​ Course to course matching #​
GEM Discoverer (Prelude) #​ N.A.​ Course to course matching #​

# please refer to OGEM website​ for more information:

* Student under 2nd major or special programmes are advised to check with us before they submit the course matching requests.

GEM Discoverer will be consider as BS4222 Industrial Internship Programme

Students are not recommended to go for exchange in first semester of their final year (e.g. Year 4, semester 1).

You are welcome to contact us for clarification: 


Exchange Matters
(School level administrative matters)

  Mr Eugene Lee

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