Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior

Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Ajai VYAS (email: )

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 2

Pre-requisite: None

Course Type: BS-Major-PE, BMS-Major-PE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours: Lectures: 7 hours; Tutorials: 32 hours

Learning Objective: To introduce biological analysis of behaviors, especially behaviors that are important to humans.

Content: This course will cover the interface between ethology, neurobiology and endocrinology (study of behavior, brain and hormones). Following topics will NOT be discussed: race, religion, language and sexual orientation.

Learning Outcome: Student successfully completing this course will be able to:

  1. Clearly explain biological mediators of behavior;
  2. Analyze evolutionary pressures on the behavior;
  3. Underline inter-connectedness between biology, behavior and society;
  4. Conduct a balanced argument about genetic and environmental influences on the behavior;
  5. Apply biological analysis to the real-life behaviors.


  1. Biological foundations of behavior
  2. Biological psychology
  3. Class notes
  4. Primary Literature

*Prerequisites for Incoming Exchange Students: Equivalent of Year 2 or Higher Biology or Biotechnology Major