Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS4006 Virology

Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Richard SUGRUE (email:

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 1

Pre-requisite: BS2002

Course Type: BS-Major PE, BMS-Major-PE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours: Lectures: 24 hours; Tutorials: 11 hours

Learning Objective:

  • Recognise how viruses differ from other microorganisms.
  • Understand the fundamentals of virus replication.
  • Understand the current advances in antivirus strategies and diagnostics.
  • Recognise the relevance of emerging virus infection in a local and international context.
  • Recognise the clinical and economic importance of virus infections.

Content: This course introduces virology at a more advanced level.

  • Overview of virus replication strategies.
  • Current advances in antivirus strategies.
  • Current advances in virus diagnostics.
  • More in-depth examination of viruses that are of both regional and global importance.

Learning Outcome:

  • Discuss the fundamentals of virus replication.
  • Discuss the economic and clinical importance of virus infection in the regional and global   context.
  • Discuss the latest developments in virus prophylaxis, therapeutics and diagnostics.
  • Define some of the current focuses on virus research (in a global context).
  • Critically evaluate and discuss the reporting of virus disease by others e.g. in the media.


  • Human Virology 3rd Edition; Leslie Collier and John Oxford.
  • Virology Principles and Applications; John Carter and Venetia Saunders.
  • Fundamentals of Molecular Virology; Nicholas Acheson.
  • Fields Virology 5th Edition (or latest edition). Knipe, Howley et al

*Prerequisites for Incoming Exchange Students: Equivalent of Year 2 or Higher Biology or Biotechnology major