Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS4004 Current topics in immunology

Course Coordinator: Assistant Professor SU I-Hsin (email:

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 1

Pre-requisite: BS2004, BS2007

Course Type: BS-Major-PE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours: Lectures: 20 hours; Tutorials: 5 hours; Online assessment: 10 hours; Presentation (Team based learning): 6 hours

Learning Objective: This prescribed elective is intended to offer students the opportunity to explore the current topics of Immunological research in depth. In this course, students should learn how to critically review scientific findings and ask the valid scientific questions. In addition to extend their knowledge and further develop their critical thinking skills in the context of immunological research, we also aim to prepare students for any other types of creative jobs.


Selected topics in immunology will be covered in depth. Students are expected to read and interpret original research publications and perform extensive literature search on selected topics in immunology. In addition to the 10 lectures of selected subjects, this course also requires students to present an assigned research paper and compose an original research proposal. To accomplish this assignment, students need to carefully study the most recent research findings and be able to identify the unsolved problems or knowledge gaps in the selected research field. Finally, they will propose experimental strategies to solve the problems in the research proposal. In this way, the students are encouraged to utilize the knowledge they have acquired throughout the years, instead of just memorize the facts.

Learning Outcome: Students should obtain the necessary knowledge and an overview about the current immunological research. They are expected to be able to understand the techniques used in the research papers and critically review the research result. This should help students to develop the problem solving skills required for research or any other types of creative jobs.


  • Journal articles
  • Literature recommended:
    • The Immune System (adapted from Immunology by Charles A Janeway), Peter Parham, Garland Science 2009
    • The Immune response: Basic and Clinical Principles, Tak W. Mak and Mary E. Sauders 2005
    • Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Abul K. Abbas and Andrew H. Lichtman 2005
  • Useful websites:
  • Nature reviews Immunology,
  • PubMed, the National Library of Medicine database,