Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS2014 Microbial Biotechnology

Course Coordinator: Assistant Professor YANG Liang (

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 2

Pre-requisite: BS2002 Microbiology

Course Type: BS-Major-PE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours: Lectures: 26 hours; Tutorials: 13 hours; Computer practical: 6 hours

Learning Objective:

  • Describe current state of microbial biotechnology, with a focus on industrial practices in development of new products, from renewable energy to solvents and pharmaceutics
  • Comprehend the principles of microbial genetics and metabolic engineering in the age of genomics and systems biology.
  • Elaborate bioreactor designing, bioprocess operation and analytical technology.


By demonstrating the classical microbial biotechnology solutions using successful industrial cases, the course will take learners through microbial biotechnology from synthetic biology, biofuel production to bioreactor designing and fermentation process monitoring. During each session, the course will highlight the key relevant industrial microbial solutions and state of the art of leading microbial biotechnology companies.

Learning Outcome:

Student successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Recognize the fundamentals of microbial biotechnology.
  • Choose a proper microbial system to produce valuable compounds.
  • Understand the basic procedures to build and operate a bioreactor.
  • Define different modes of fermentation and know their limitations.
  • Understand the basic procedures of downstream processing of bioreactors.
  • Develop an industrial strategy for biotech business.


  • Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology, Third Edition By E. M. T. El-Mansi, C. F. A. Bryce, Arnold L. Demain, A.R. Allman Published by CRC Press ISBN 9781439855799

*Prerequisites for Incoming Exchange Students: Equivalent of A-Level Biology and Biology or Biotechnology major