Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS2004 Molecular and Cell Biology II

Course Coordinator: Associate Professor KOH Cheng Gee (email: )

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 1

Pre-requisite: BS1001, BS1007

Course Type: BS-Core, BMS-Core, UE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours:  Lectures: 24 hours; Tutorials: 12 hours; Practical: 6 hours

Learning Objective: BS2004 is a course which provides students with theoretical knowledge in the field of molecular and cell biology as well as training in research skill and data analysis.
Content: The course will cover important cellular functions and processes such as protein synthesis, protein trafficking, apoptosis, cell adhesion and cell signalling. Students will be able to understand cancer biology from the molecular and cellular perspectives. The methods and model systems commonly applied to solve problems in this field will also be discussed.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Students will learn theoretical and factual knowledge in molecular and cell biology.
  2. Students will be able to use the knowledge acquired to understand scientific communication such as research papers and seminars.
  3. Students will learn to approach biological problems with the knowledge acquired
  4. Students will learn research and experimental skill, data analysis and trouble shooting.


  1. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al., Garland Science, 5th edition
  2. Molecular Cell Biology, Lodish et al., Freeman 6th edition
  3. Cell and Molecular Biology, Karp, Wiley 5th edition

*Prerequisites for Incoming Exchange Students: Equivalent of A-Level Biology and science or engineering major