Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS1008 Biostatistics

Course Coordinator: Assistant Professor LU Lanyuan (email:

Academic Unit: 3 AU

Availability: Semester 2

Pre-requisite: BS1001

Course Type: BS-Core, BMS-Core, UE

Language of instruction: English

Teaching hours:  Lectures: 12 hours; Consultations: 20 hours; Practicals: 12 hours

Learning Objective: This course gives an overview of the importance of biostatistics in the scientific design of experiments and in the data collection, processing, analysis and interpretation in the life sciences. Students will learn the basic theory, computational skills and applications of statistics in biology.

Content: Biostatistics part will cover descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, confidence intervals, parametric and non-parametric hypothesis tests, measurement of relationships between variables using correlation and regression, Chi square tests and non-parametric methods. Course work consists of lectures and computer practices.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the important concepts and philosophy of statistics in biology
  • Learn the computational skills to conduct simple statistical analyses.
  • Develop the ability to implement common statistical methods solving scientific problems.
  • Complete basic training on statistical software (SPSS) usage.
    • Textbooks/References

    Biostatistics : the bare essentials, 3rd edition, Norman, Geoffrey; Streiner, David, , B C DECKER INC, 2008, ISBN-10: 1550093479 (1-55009-347-9), ISBN-13: 9781550093476 (978-1-55009-347-6)

      *Prerequisites for Incoming Exchange Students: Equivalent of Year 2 or Higher Biology or Biotechnology Major