B.Sc (Hons) in Biological Sciences with 2nd Major in Biomedical Structural Biology


Curriculum & Course Descriptions for Students admitted in AY2017 and before

Year 1
Semester 1
(20 AU)
BS1001 Introductory Biology ^
(exempted with H2 Biology = A)+
Major-Core 3 AU
BS1002 Biophysical Chemistry Major-Core 3 AU
BS1003 Organic Chemistry
(exempted with H2 Chemistry = A)+
Major-Core 3 AU
BS1005 Biochemistry I Major-Core 3 AU
CM1031 Basic Organic Chemistry with Laboratory ​GER-UE-Core  ​​4 AU
ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career ^ GER-Core 1 AU
**Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-LA ‘HE9091 Principles of Economics’ (3AUs) in their first semester.
Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-LA and register for other available GER-PE

Year 1
Semester 2
(20 AU)
BS1006 Principles of Genetics Major-Core 3 AU
BS1007 Molecular and Cell Biology I
(exempted with H3 subject = Distinction or Merit)+​
Major-Core 3 AU
BS1008 Biostatistics Major-Core 3 AU
BS1100 Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 1 Major-Core 3 AU
CM1041 Basic Physical Chemistry with Laboratory ​GER-UE-Core ​​4 AU
GC0001 Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze ^ GER-Core 1 AU
+ Students may be exempted with other courses if they have other matching H2 or H3 courses. Please see Table 1.​

Year 2
Semester 1
(20 AU)
BS2001 Physiology Major-Core 3 AU
BS2002 Microbiology ​Major-Core ​3 AU
BS2003 Biochemistry II Major-Core 3 AU
BS2020 Mathematics and Physics Topics for Structural Biologists GER-UE-Core 3 AU
CM2031 Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry GER-UE-Core 3 AU
HW0128 Scientific Communication I GER-Core 2 AU
Year 2
Semester 2
(21 AU)
BS2008 Experimental Molecular & Cell Biology Major-Core 3 AU
CM2041 Physical and Biophysical Chemistry I ​GER-UE-Core ​3 AU
BS2021 RNA Structures & RNA Based Drug Development​ GER-UE-Core 3 AU
HW0228 Scientific Communication II GER-Core 2 AU
HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning ^ GER-Core 1 AU
Major PE from Table A Major-PE 9 AU

Inter-semester Break

BS9001 Research Experience (Optional)++

Major-PE 3 AU
++ Recommended Major-PE which is conducted during inter-semester break. Completion of BS9001 will allow you to do one less Major-PE in any of the future semesters. Registration of BS9001 will be done by the School. 

Year 3
Semester 1
(19 AU)
BS3021 Bioimaging Techniques in EM GER-UE-Core 3 AU
Major PE from Table B Major-PE 9 AU
GER-UE-PE from Table D GER-UE-PE 3 AU​
BS0001 Biology and Society GER-Core 3 AU
ML0002 Career Power Up! ^ ​GER-Core ​1 AU
Year 3
Semester 2
(19 AU)
BS3025 NMR in Structural Biology GER-UE-Core 3 AU
GER-UE-PE from Table D GER-UE-PE 3 AU
Major PE from Table C Major-PE 12 AU
ET0001 Enterprise and Innovation ^ GER-Core 1 AU


Year 4
Semester 1
(18 AU)
Major PE from Table B Major-PE 12 AU
GER-UE-PE from Table D  GER-UE-PE 3 AU
Year 4
Semester 2
(12 AU)


12 AU

^^^ Students may opt to take BS4224 Professional Internship in Year 4 Sem 1 or Year 4 Sem 2. 
For students admitted in AY2016/17 and onwards (excluding the direct-entry to Year 2 students admitted in AY2016), please adhere to the following curriculum in Year 4 Sem 2 :
Year 4
Semester 2
(12 AU)
BS4020 Final Year Project    or, Major-PE 12 AU
1 AU
+ 11AU
^ Online courses
^^Students are recommended to read BS4223 in Year 3 Sem 1 , Year 3 Sem 2 or Year 4 Sem 1 before going on Professional Internship. "ML0002 Career Power Up!" is the co-requisite of BS4223.
Table A
BS2004 Molecular and Cell Biology II Major-PE 3 AU
BS2007 Immunology Major-PE 3 AU
BS2010 Bioimaging Major-PE 3 AU
BS2012 Genetics and Genomics Major-PE 3 AU
BS2014 Microbial Biotechnology Major-PE 3 AU
BS211S^ Equations of Life Major-PE 3 AU
BS3332# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) 
              Workshop (Series I) – Methods in Histology
Major-PE 3 AU
BS3335# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) 
              Workshop (Series I) – Protein behavior in health and disease –              biophysical tools
​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3347# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB)
              Workshop (Series I) – Metabolomics and Lipidomics
Major-PE​ ​3 AU
​AAB20D Ecology ​ Major-PE​ ​3 AU
Table B
BS1101 Basics of TCM Major-PE 3 AU
BS3001 Neurobiology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3003 Developmental Biology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3004 Cancer Biology and Therapy Major-PE 3 AU
BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior ​Major-PE ​3 AU
​BS3018 Plant Biology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3023 Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and  Medical
​Major-PE  3 AU​
​BS3024 Evolution in Health and Disease ​​Major-PE ​3 AU​
BS3031 Beauty and the Myths Major-PE 3 AU
BS3032 Environmental Microbiology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3033 Data Science for Biologists Major-PE 3 AU
​​BS3338# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series II) – Effect of anti-mitotic drugs on cancer cells
​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3342 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) - Role of Actin cytoskeleton regulators in metastasis ​Major-PE 3 AU​
BS3345#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) Microbial Biotechnology and Systems Biology Major-PE 3 AU
BS4002 Current Topics in Cell Biology ​Major-PE 3 AU ​
​BS4004 Current Topics in Immunology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4006 Virology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4010 Synthetic Biology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4011 Biology of Social Behavior ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4015 Plant Biotechnology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS9001 Research Experience ​​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS2103^^ TCM Diagnostics Major-PE 6 AU
HH2016 History of Animals ​Major-PE ​6 AU
ES3302 Tropical Ecology ​Major-PE ​3 AU 
ES4303 Marine and Aquatic Ecology ​Major-PE ​3 AU 
Table C
BS3006 Bioentrepreneurship ​Major-PE 3 AU​
BS3008 Computational Biology & Modelling Major-PE ​ 3 AU​
BS3010 Current Topics in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3011 Protein Folding & Biomolecular NMR Major-PE 3 AU
BS3012 Functional Genomics and Proteomics Major-PE 3 AU
BS3013 Drug discovery & Development, Biotechnology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3015 The RNA world ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3017 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3022 Protein Trafficking ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3028 Chemical Biology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3035 One Health ​​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3331# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) 
              Workshop (Series I) – Applied Immunology
​Major-PE ​3 AU
​​BS3336# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Proteomics Workshop
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3339# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Neurobiology
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3340# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Science of aging and life extension in C. elegans
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3346# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) –  Bridges between Neuroscience and Psychology
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
BS1101^^ Basics of TCM Major-PE 6 AU
HH3010 Biotechnology & Society Major-PE 3 AU

^^ BS1101 and BS2103 are considered as ONE Major PE.

Table D
CM4034 Natural Product Chemistry ​Sem 2 ​GER-UE-PE 3 AU
CM9082 Drug Design and Synthesis ​Sem 2 ​GER-UE-PE ​3 AU
​BS3027# Spectroscopic Methods in Biomedical Structural Biology  ​Sem 2 GER-UE-PE​ 3 AU​
BS3344# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UEAB) Workshop (Series I) - Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography ​Sem 2 GER-UE-PE ​
3 AU​
CM4051 Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry ​Sem 1 GER-UE-PE ​ 3 AU
CM9081 Medicinal Chemistry ​Sem 1 GER-UE-PE ​ 3 AU
CM4043 Molecular Modeling: Principle and Applications ​Sem 1 GER-UE-PE ​ 3 AU
BS4014# Molecular Basis of Diseases ​Sem 1 GER-UE-PE ​ 3 AU

# Note: BS3027, BS3344, BS4014 in Table D are allowed to be cleared as Major PE when all UE requirements under 2nd major in Biomedical Structural Biology are being fulfilled BS4012 and BS4013 have ceased to offer.