B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences with Psychology Major


Overseas exchange

1. Global Education Opportunities

GEM Explorer (OGEM)

GEM Explorer enables students to take courses or do research in an overseas partner university for one full semester while exploring a new country and culture.

GEM Discoverer (OGEM)

GEM Discoverer offers various short-term programmes (ranging from 2 to 22 weeks) that place students overseas for work and/or study. During these stints, students earn academic units that count towards their NTU degree.

Overseas Attachment Programmes (OGEM)

Overseas Attachment provides opportunities for students to widen their perspective of the working world. It enhances their employability and career mobility worldwide upon graduation and prepares them to compete locally and internationally.

2. Opportunity to Study in a Local University

Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme (OAS)

The Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme (SUSEP) offers NTU students the opportunity to study a few courses or up to one semester at NUS or SMU. This is made possible through a tripartite agreement with NUS and SMU.

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