Double Major (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology


Programme Requirements

The period of study for the Double Major Programme (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology is four academic years.
During the period of study for the Double Major Programme (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology, a candidate must pursue such courses of study as may be prescribed by Regulations made by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the School of Biological Sciences.
Successful completion of the programme requires a candidate to fulfill the following:
1.    To graduate, students must complete two (2) categories of requirement, totaling at least 144 Academic Units (AUs):
·         Major Requirements (57 AUs for BS Major and 57 AUs for Psychology Major)
·         Final Year Project/Professional Internship + Professional career development (12 AUs)
·         General Education Requirements (18 AUs)
2. Candidates must complete a total of 57 AUs of courses listed under curriculum webpage. The 57 AUs of Psychology courses fall under the Core and Major Prescribed Elective (MPE) category.
3. Gained a pass grade in all the major and general education requirement courses as determined by the School of Biological Sciences; and
4. Fulfilled such other requirements as may be prescribed by the Academic Board.
Table 1: Summary Table of the Double Major BS & PSY Programme
Major Requirements (AUs)
General Education Requirement (GER) (AUs)
Total (AUs)
Prescribed Electives
Final Year Project / Professional Internship
GER Core
GER Prescribed Electives
GER Unrestricted Electives
Major in BS
Major in PSY
*Students may select either BS4020 Final Year Project (12 AU) or BS4224 Professional Internship (11 AU) and BS4223 Professional Career Development (1 AU) to fulfil the 12AUs requirement. 
A minimum of CGPA 4.50 plus at least an ‘A-‘ grade for the Final Year Project (FYP), are required for the award of a First Class Honours Degree.
The courses of study and the distribution of the courses for Double Major Programme (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology will be determined by the School of Biological Sciences with the approval of the University.
Each course will be assigned a certain number of academic units as determined by the University. The distribution of the courses of study and the associated number of academic units are shown in the tables below.
There are five compulsory components in the curriculum:
Major Core courses (Major-Core)
Major Core courses are offered throughout the programme of study. The courses are foundation courses designed to provide essential training in the fundamental life sciences and Social Sciences.
Major Prescribed Elective courses (Major-PE)
Major Elective courses provide students with opportunities to explore specialized areas of biology and psychology in more depth and intensity. The students may select their courses of study according to their own interests and career goals. Emphasis will be placed on group work and discussion of research papers.
General Education Requirement: Core courses (GER-Core)
The GER-Core courses are specified by the School as being essential for the training of today’s science graduates. The courses cover areas such as communication and environmental sustainability.
General Education Requirement: Prescribed Elective courses (GER-PE)
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences candidates are required to read and pass GER Prescribed Electives from a range of areas. The number of academic units to be read in each area is specified by the School and in the table below. Candidates have the flexibility to choose during which semester they will read the individual courses.
General Education Requirement: Unrestricted Elective courses (GER-UE)
Double Major B.Sc programme in Biological Sciences and Psychology candidates are required to read and pass 6 academic units of GER Unrestricted Electives. Candidates may select to read any courses from the list of Unrestricted Electives offered by all Schools within the University. Candidates have the flexibility to choose during which semester they will read the individual courses. 
For information about the University Academic Unit System, Grade Point Average System and calculation of Honours Classification please refer to the AUS Handbook here 
For students admitted in AY2017 and onwards
Academic Unit (AU) Requirement
Biological Sciences (BS)
Major Prescribed Elective (Major PE)
Psychology (PS)
Major Prescribed Elective (Major PE)
Biological Sciences (BS & Psychology (PS)
Final Year Project
General Education Requirement (GER)
Prescribed Elective (PE)
Business & Management (BM)
Liberal Arts (LA)
Science, Technology & Society (STS)
Any Category (BM, LA or STS)
Total AUs