Double Major (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology



Year 1
Semester 1
(22 AU)
BS1001 Introductory Biology ^ Core 3 AU
BS1002 Biophysical Chemistry Core 3 AU
BS1003 Organic Chemistry Core 3 AU
BS1005 Biochemistry I Core 3 AU
ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career ^ GER-Core 1 AU
HP1000 Introduction To Psychology Core 3 AU
HP1100 Fundamentals  of Social Science Research Core 3 AU
Year 1
Semester 2
(19 AU)
BS1006 Principles of Genetics Core 3 AU
BS1007 Molecular and Cell Biology I Core 3 AU
BS1008 Biostatistics Core 3 AU
BS1100 Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 1 Core 3 AU
GC0001 Introduction to Sustainability: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Solutions ^ GER-Core 1 AU
HP2100 Research Design and Data Analysis in Psychology Core 3 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 3 AU

**Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-BM (BU8101) in their first semester. Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-BM and register for other available GER-PEs.

Year 2
Semester 1
(17 AU)
BS2001 Physiology Core 3 AU
BS2002 Microbiology Core 3 AU
BS2003 Biochemistry II Core 3 AU
HW0128 Scientific Communication I GER-Core 2 AU
HP2200 Biological Psychology Core 3 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 3 AU
Year 2
Semester 2
(18 AU)
BS2008 Experimental Molecular & Cell Biology Core 3 AU
Major PE from Table A / C Major-PE 3 AU
HW0228 Scientific Communication II GER-Core 2 AU
HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning ^ GER-Core 1 AU
HP2600 Cognitive Psychology Core 3 AU
HP2700 Abnormal Psychology Core 3 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 3 AU



(May – July)
BS9001 Research Experience Major-PE 3 AU


Year 3
Semester 1
(19 AU)
Major PE from Table B Major-PE 6 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 9 AU
ML0002 Career Power Up! ^ GER-Core 1 AU
Year 3
Semester 2
(20 AU)
Major PE from Table A / C Major-PE 9 AU
ET0001 Entrepreneurship and Innovation^ GER-Core 1 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 3 AU
Major PE from Table E Major-PE 4 AU

Year 4
Semester 1
(17 AU)
Major PE from Table B Major-PE 3 AU
Major PE from Table D Major-PE 6 AU
Major PE from Table E Major-PE 8 AU
Year 4
Semester 2
(12 AU)
BS4020 Final Year Project Major-PE 12 AU
BS4224 Professional Internship (11 AU)  + 
BS4223 Professional Career Development (1 AU) ^^
Major-PE 12 AU

^ Online courses

^^Students are recommended to read BS4223 in Year 3 Sem 1 , Year 3 Sem 2 or Year 4 Sem 1 before going on Professional Internship. "ML0002 Career Power Up!" is the co-requisite of BS4223.  

BS9001 Research Experience (Optional)
Note: If a student earns 3AU by completing BS9001 Research Experience course, he/she may take 1 less Major-PE (3AU) from Table B or C.

Table A
Table B
BS2020 Mathematics, Physics and Basic Programming for the Structural Biologist 3 AU​
BS3001 Neurobiology 3 AU
BS3003 Developmental Biology 3 AU
BS3004 Cancer Biology and Therapy 3 AU
BS3005 Advanced Molecular Genetics 3 AU
​BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior ​3 AU
​BS3018 Plant Biology ​3 AU
BS3021 Bioimaging Techniques in EM 3 AU​
BS3023 Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and  Medical 
3 AU​
BS3031 Beauty and the Myths 3 AU
BS3032 Environmental Microbiology 3 AU
BS3033 Data Science for Biologists 3 AU
BS3334# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop   
              (Series II) – DNA engineering for Fluorescent In-situ Hybridization      
​3 AU
​​BS3338# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series II) – Effect of anti-mitotic drugs on cancer cells
​3 AU
BS3342Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) - Role of Actin cytoskeleton regulators in metastasis 
3 AU​
BS3343# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) - Genetics of Human Diseases  3 AU ​
BS3344# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) Macromolecular Crystallography 3 AU
BS3345# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) Microbial Biotechnology and Systems Biology 3 AU
​BS4002 Current Topics in Cell Biology 3 AU​
​BS4004 Current Topics in Immunology ​3 AU
BS4006 Virology ​3 AU
BS4009 Biology of Aging ​3 AU
BS4010 Synthetic Biology ​3 AU
BS4011 Biology of Social Behavior ​3 AU
BS4013 ​Physiological Systems: Animal Models for Drug Development 3 AU
BS4014 Molecular Basis of Diseases  3 AU
BS4015 Plant Biotechnology 3 AU
BS9001 Research Experience ​3 AU
BS2103^^ TCM Diagnostics 6 AU
​HH2016 History of Animals ​ ​3 AU
Table C
​BS3006 Bioentrepreneurship 3 AU​
BS3008 Computational Biology & Modelling 3 AU​
BS3010 Current Topics in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology 3 AU
BS3011 Protein Folding & Biomolecular NMR 3 AU
BS3012 Functional Genomics and Proteomics 3 AU
BS3013 Drug discovery & Development, Biotechnology ​3 AU
BS3015 The RNA world ​3 AU
BS3017 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis ​3 AU
BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience ​3 AU
BS3022 Protein Trafficking ​3 AU
​BS3027 Spectroscopic Methods in Biomedical Structural Biology ​3 AU
​BS3028 Chemical Biology ​3 AU
BS3030 Telomere Biology: Genome Stability, Cancer and Ageing ​​3 AU
BS3331# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) 
              Workshop (Series I) – Applied Immunology
​3 AU
​​BS3336# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Proteomics Workshop
​​3 AU
​​BS3339# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Neurobiology
​​3 AU
​​BS3340# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop 
             (Series I) – Science of aging and life extension in C. elegans
​​3 AU
​​BS3346# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop 
             (Series I) – Bridges between Neuroscience and Psychology
​​3 AU
BS1101^^ Basics of TCM 6 AU
HH3010 Biotechnology and Society 3 AU

Table D

HP2300 Developmental Psychology 3 AU
HP2400 Social Psychology ​3 AU
HP2500 Personality and Individual Differences 3 AU​
HP3001 Learning and Behavioral Analysis 3 AU​
HP3002 Positive Psychology 3 AU​
HP3003 Engineering Psychology 3 AU​
HP3101 Applied Statistical Methods for Psychological Research 3 AU​
HP3201 Evolutionary Psychology 3 AU​
HP3202 Alcohol, Drugs and Behavior 3 AU​
HP3203 Conservation Psychology 3 AU​
HP3301 Issues and Concerns in Adolescence 3 AU​
HP3302 Cognitive Development 3 AU​
HP3401 The Social Psychology of Human Communication 3 AU​
HP3402 Social Cognition 3 AU​
HP3501 Human Motivation 3 AU​
HP3601 Human Memory 3 AU​
HP3602 Reading Development & disorders 3 AU​
HP3603 Sensation & Perception 3 AU​
HP3701 Psychological Adjustment and Mental Health 3 AU​
HP3702 Child Psychopathology 3 AU​
HP3703 Health Psychology 3 AU​
HP3704 Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology 3 AU​
HP3705 Clinical Community Psychology 3 AU​
HP3706 Biofeedback & Neurofeedback: Health and performance 3 AU​
HP3707 The psychology of pain and its management 3 AU​
HP3801 Psychology in the Workplace 3 AU​
HP3802 Personnel Psychology 3 AU​
HP3804 Psychological Testing 3 AU​
HP3805 Managing Organisational Behavior 3 AU​
HP3806 Consumer psychology 3 AU​
HP3807 Occupational Health Psychology 3 AU​
HP3901 Cultural Psychology 3 AU​
HP3902 Psychology in the Asian Context 3 AU​

Table E

HP4002 Qualitative Methods in Psychology 4 AU
HP4012 Applied Multivariate Methods for Psychological Research 4 AU
HP4101 Clinical Psychology 4 AU​
HP4102 Trauma Psychology and Crisis Management 4 AU​
HP4103 The Forensic Psychology of Crime, Terrorism and Disasters 4 AU​
HP4104 Evidence-based Practice in Clinical Psychology 4 AU​
HP4105 Correctional psychology 4 AU​
HP4106 Mental Health in the Community 4 AU​
HP4201 Technology and Social Behaviour 4 AU​
HP4211 Agent-Based Computational Psychology 4 AU​
HP4221 Primate Psychology 4 AU​
HP4222 Comparative Physiology of Social Interaction 4 AU​
HP4231 Social and Emotional Development 4 AU​
HP4232 Development of Self-Regulation 4 AU​
HP4233 Psychological and Sociomoral Reasoning in Infancy 4 AU​
HP4241 Interpersonal relations and family studies 4 AU​
HP4242 Advanced Topics in Social Cognition 4 AU​
HP4243 Intergroup relations 4 AU​
HP4261 Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision 4 AU​
HP4262 Multisensory integration 4 AU​
HP4263 Language in Perception and thought 4 AU​
HP4271 Cognitive Neuroplasticity 4 AU​
HP4272 Neuropsychology 4 AU​
HP4273 Introduction to FMRI 4 AU​
HP4274 The Last Dance: Psycho-socio-cultural perspectives of Death, Dying and Bereavement 4 AU​
HP4281 Psychology of Leadership 4 AU​
HP4282 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 4 AU​

^ Recommended Major PE which is conducted during 1-week term break, before the term or after the final examination

^^ BS1101 and BS2103 are considered as ONE Major PE.

Note: Information obtained from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and is correct as at 17th March 2017.

NTU reserves all rights to make changes to the programme structure with prior notice.