Double Degree B.Sc. (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences & B.Medicine (Chinese Medicine)


Curriculum & Course Descriptions for Students admitted in AY2017

Year 1
Semester 1
(23 AU)
BS1001 Introductory Biology ^ Major-Core 3 AU
BS1003 Organic Chemistry Major-Core 3 AU
BS1005 Biochemistry I Major-Core 3 AU
BS1101 Basics of TCM (中医基础理论) Major-Core 6 AU
BS2101 Anatomy  Major-Core 4 AU
BS0001 Biology and Society GER-Core 3 AU
ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career ^ ​GER-Core ​1 AU
Year 1
Semester 2
(22 AU)
BS1006 Principles of Genetics Major-Core 3 AU
BS1007 Molecular and Cell Biology I Major-Core 3 AU
BS1008 Biostatistics Major-Core 3 AU
BS1100 Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 1 Major-Core 3 AU
BS1102 TCM in Ancient Chinese (医古文) Major-Core 6 AU

GC0001 Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze ^

GER-Core 1 AU
Year 2
Semester 1
(23 AU)
BS2001 Physiology Major-Core 3 AU
BS2002 Microbiology Major-Core 3 AU
BS2102 Chinese Materia Medica (中药学) Major-Core 6 AU
BS2103 TCM Diagnostics (中医诊断学) Major-Core 6 AU
HW0128 Scientific Communication I GER-Core 2 AU
Year 2
Semester 2
(24 AU)
BS2007 Immunology​
3 AU
BS3104 Pathology (病理学)​ ​Major-Core ​3 AU
BS2105 Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine (内经学) Major-Core 6 AU
BS2106 TCM Formulary (方剂学) Major-Core 8 AU
BS2107 TCM Internship I (课间见习 I) Major-Core 3 AU
HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning ^ GER-Core 1 AU
Year 3
Semester 1
(22 AU)
BS3018 Plant Biology Major-Core 3 AU
BS3101 Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases        (伤寒论) Major-Core 6 AU
BS3103 TCM Internship II (课间见习 II) Major-Core 3 AU
BS3108 Acupuncture and Moxibustion ( 针灸学) Major-Core 6 AU
Major-PE from Table B Major-PE 3 AU
ML0002 Career Power Up! ^ GER-Core 1 AU
Year 3
Semester 2
(22 AU)
BS2104 Biomedical Pharmacology (药理学) Major-Core 3 AU
BS3102 Synopsis of the Golden Chamber (金匮要略) Major-Core 6 AU
BS3106 Seasonal Febrile Diseases (溫病学) Major-Core 6 AU
BS3107 TCM Internship III (课间见习 III) Major-Core 3 AU
Major-PE from Table C Major-PE 3 AU
ET0001 Enterprise and Innovation ^ GER-Core 1 AU


Inter-semester Break

BS4020 Final Year Project

Major-PE 12 AU

 Traditional Chinese Medicine Advanced Principles and Clinical Training at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), China (Year 4 and Year 5)

Year 4
Semester 1
Basics of Diagnostics (诊断学基础) Core
Internal Medicine of TCM (中医內科学) Core
Otolaryngology of TCM (中医耳鼻喉科学) Core
Selected Literature in TCM (各家学说) Core
TCM Tui-Na (中医推拿学) 
Year 4
Semester 2
Modern Internal Medicine (西医內科学)


Gynaecology of TCM (中医妇科学) ​Core
External Medicine of TCM (中医外科学) ​Core
Paediatrics of TCM (中医儿科学) ​Core
Dermatology of TCM (中医皮肤病学) ​Core
Orthopaedics, Traumatology of TCM (中医骨伤学) Core
​Ophthalmology of TCM (中医眼科学) Core
​Oncology of TCM (中医肿瘤科科学) Core


Year 5
Semester 1 & 2
(18 AU)

TCM Clinical internship (中医临床实习)

Table B
BS3001 Neurobiology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3003 Developmental Biology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3004 Cancer Biology and Therapy Major-PE 3 AU
BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior Major-PE 3 AU
BS3021 Bioimaging Techniques in EM Major-PE 3 AU
BS3023 Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and Medical Devices  Major-PE​ 3 AU​
​BS3024 Evolution in Health and Disease ​Major-PE​ ​3 AU​
BS3031 Beauty and the Myths Major-PE 3 AU
BS3032 Environmental Microbiology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3033 Data Science for Biologists Major-PE 3 AU
​​BS3338 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series II) – Effect of anti-mitotic drugs on cancer cells
​Major-PE ​3 AU
​BS3342 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) - Role of Actin cytoskeleton regulators in metastasis  ​Major-PE 3 AU​
BS3344# Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Macromolecular Crystallography Major-PE 3 AU​
BS4001 Current Topics in Muscle Biology & Neuromuscular  
​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4006 Virology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS4010 Synthetic Biology ​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​​BS9001 Research Experience ​​Major-PE ​​3 AU
ES3302 Tropical Ecology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
ES4303 Marine and Aquatic Ecology ​​Major-PE 3 AU
Table C
BS3006 Bioentrepreneurship Major-PE 3 AU
BS3008 Computational Biology & Modelling ​Major-PE 3 AU​
BS3010 Current Topics in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Major-PE 3 AU
BS3011 Protein Folding & Biomolecular NMR Major-PE 3 AU
BS3012 Functional Genomics and Proteomics Major-PE 3 AU
BS3013 Drug discovery & Development, Biotechnology ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3015 The RNA world ​Major-PE ​3 AU
​BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience ​Major-PE ​3 AU
BS3022 Protein Trafficking ​Major-PE ​3 AU
​BS3027 Spectroscopic Methods in Biomedical Structural Biology ​​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​BS3028 Chemical Biology Major-PE​ ​3 AU
​BS3035 One Health ​​Major-PE​ ​3 AU
​​BS3332 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Methods in Histology ​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3335 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) - Protein behavior in health and disease – biophysical tools ​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3336 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Proteomics Workshop
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
​​BS3339 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop
             (Series I) – Neurobiology
​Major-PE ​​3 AU
AAB20D Ecology ​ ​Major-PE  ​3 AU

 # Major PE which is conducted during the 1-week term break or during the 2 weeks before term starts.