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List of Ph.D. Projects Available

The application deadline for August intake is 31st January and January intake is 31st July.

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The following table lists the Ph.D. projects that are currently available. Please click on the link to find out more on the research area., You may email the research supervisor/principal investigator if you have any questions regarding the project.

Research Project Title
Bhattacharyya, Surajit Mode of Action of Antimicrobial peptides and proteins
Mechanism of Sensing Antimicrobial Peptides by Bacteria: Towards a Structural Understanding
Ch’ng Toh Hean ​ Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Synapse-to-nucleus signaling and transcription-dependent plasticity in neurodegenerative disorders
Featherstone, Mark The roles of CRTC transcriptional coactivators in vertebrate development
Francesc Xavier Roca Castella  Characterization of the splicing functions of the two pseudouridines in U1 small nuclear RNA
Fullwood, Melissa Understanding 3D genome organization in cancer through an integrated artificial intelligence and molecular biology approach​
Gao, Yonggui Structure and function of ribosome and drug design; Glycobiology towards Biofuel; Pathogen virulence
Irene Gallego Romero Gene regulatory changes as drivers of human evolution
James P. Tam Discovery of Druggable Biologics from Medicinal Plants
Large-scale conversion of wastes to functional food and high-value products
Membrane-based processing and characterisation of novel active compounds for medicinal plants
Mode-of-Action of Druggable Biologics from Medicinal Plants
Katsutomo Okamura High resolution profiling of primary miRNA expression during fly embryogenesis
Post-transcriptional regulation of miRNA processing during fly embryogenesis
Kimberly Kline Mechanisms of Immune Modulation by Epithelial Pathogens
Coincidental Hypothesis: The role of predation in the evolution of pathgens
Role of predation in evolution of virulence by opportunistic pathogens
Koh Cheng Gee Regulation of embryonic stem cell pluripotency and differentiation by biochemical and biophysical cues
Regulation of Angiogenesis and Metastasis
The regulatory pathways integrating the cortical actin network and spindle dynamics during early stages of mitosis
Evaluating the role of Rho GTPases during differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into pancreatic cells
Lescar Julien

The L protein from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Structures and functions

Liang Zhao-Xun Discover bioactive compounds and associated biosynthetic pathways from marine microorganisms
Li Hoi Yeung ​ Application of 3D culture to investigate somatic cells reprogramming, cancer development and various cellular events
Investigation on the molecular mechanism and physiological roles of AAA-ATpase p97/VCP in cancer metastasis
Multidisciplinary approach to redefine chromosome condensation models
Li Yinghui Epigenetic regulation of NF-κB in cancers
Role of MAPK signaling in chromatin organization and transcriptional control of cancers
​Lin Chun Ling, Valerie ​ Role of inflammation in estrogen regulation of  breast cancer
Role of activation function 1 of progesterone receptor in breast cancer​
Liu Chuan Fa Cyclic peptides in medicinal chemistry
Lu, Lanyuan Computer modeling of solution X-ray scattering intensities of proteins
Elucidating the mechanism of dengue viral capsid assembly by molecular simulation (for NTU-Konstanz joint PhD program)
Lu, Lei Studying the intra-Golgi trafficking via novel super-resolution microscopy
Seeing the Golgi dynamics by a novel super-resolution imaging approach
How proteins are specifically targeted to cilia
Ludwig, Alexander Nanometer-scale organisation of the epithelial apical-lateral membrane border
​Ma Wei ​Functional characterization of transcriptional regulator(s) in plant oil biosynthesis and plant development
Miao Yansong Mechanistic studies of eukaryotic actin cytoskeleton regulation via a novel reconstitution system
Cellular aging regulation by cytoskeleton through a microfluidic platform
Defence mechanisms of plant for pathogen infection
Mitra, Rupshi Individual difference in stress coping: A possible brain mechanism
Stress manifestation and its implications in primate society
Mu Yuguang Structure-based inhibitor design against neglected tropical diseases
Mueller-Cajar Oliver The CO2 fixation machinery of eukaryotic phytoplankton
Mechanistic studies concerning biological CO2 fixation
Mutwil, Marek Elucidating adaptive mechanism conferring resilience to environmental stress in plants
Identifying biosynthetic pathways for high-value compounds
Nordenskiöld, Lars Biochemical and biophysical investigations of structural and dynamic properties of telomeric chromatin and nucleosomes
Multi-Scale Simulations of Biomolecular Self-Assembly by Inverse Monte Carlo
Solid State NMR on chromatin
Pethe, Kevin Suffocating tuberculosis: oxidative phosphorylation as a target space for the development of next-generation antitubercular drugs
How do mycobacteria go to sleep: development of latency model for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Reverting antibiotic resistance in multi-drug resistant bacteria
Pervushin, Konstantin Mechanism of chaperone function of prostaglandin synthase for amyloid b-peptides
Preiser, Peter Erythrocyte signalling during Plasmodium falciparum merozoite invasion
Ruedl, Christiane Role of newly identified, hyper-inflammatory dendritic cells in disease induction and maintenance
Unravel the role of distinct intestinal dendritic cell subsets in colon carcinoma and inflammatory bowel diseases
Sanyal, Amartya Role of 3D chromatin organization in regulatory landscape of genome and epigenome
Sara Sandin Structure and function of caveolae studied by correlative light and electron microscopy
Shashi Bhushan Structural and biochemical studies of Mycobacterial drug transporters
Structural and biochemical studies of Mycobacterial biosynthetic enzymes
Su I-Hsin Functional Characterization and Physiological Significance of SETD3
The role of SETD3 in lymphocyte development and functions
Surgrue, Richard Signalling pathways that mediate respiratory syncytial virus morphogenesis
Evaluation of 3D cell culture systems for use as bioreactors in production for vaccine development and isolation of viruses from clinical specimens
Development of a vaccine candidate for EMCV
Host pathogen interactions with the influenza virus polymerase complex
Sze Siu Kwan, Newman Hypoxia-sensitive epigenetic regulators (HYSERs) as novel targets for the treatment of solid tumors
Elucidating epigenetic regulation in food/diet induced obesity and metabolic syndrome
Pre-clinical development of a cancer immunotherapy targeting tumor exosomal proteins
Tan Nguan Soon, Andrew Understanding the etiology of melasma
Tan Suet Mien Investigating integrin-linked cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance in leukemic cells
Investigating the roles of kindlins in cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Tashiro Ayumu Roles of astrocyte-neuron signaling in neuronal information processing in the hippocampus
Molecular mechanisms underlying experience- and activity-dependent regulations of adult neurogenesis
Electrophysiological investigation of the function of new neurons in adult hippocampus
Thanabalu, Thirumaran Molecular characterization of Cancer resistance in Atopic Dermatitis mice (Skin Research Scholarship)
Identification of the molecular mechanism of long hair phenotype in triple transgenic mice (Skin Research Scholarship)
Role of N-WASP in Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Skin Research Scholarship)​
Thibault, Guillaume From Dietary Excess to Degenerative Diseases: Finding the Missing Links in Autophagy
Metabolism of site-specific deuterated essential fatty acids to reduce aging in C. elegans
Activation Mechanism of the UPR During Lipid Perturbation
Membrane Stress Response in Higher Organisms
Structural investigations of the endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation complex
Torres, Jaume Functional Development of stabilized peptides as antivirals and tools to discover viroporin function
Vyas, Ajai Behavioral manipulation of the host by the parasites
Non-consumptive effects of predation
Wong, Esther Autophagy and Cellular Senescence
Chaperone-mediated Autophagy in the regulation of cell fate
Yoon Ho Sup, Joe Immunophilin ligands and targeted immunosuppression
Zhang, Li-Feng Identify and Study the Molecular Factors Regulating X Chromosome Inactivation
Study the long non-coding RNAs involved in X chromosome inactivation
Curtis A. Davey, Peter Dröge, Lars Nordenskiold, Daniela Rhodes and Sara Sandin Telomere Dynamics and Genome Function: From DNA to Nucleosomes to Chromosomes
James P Tam, Liu Chuan Fa, Lescar Julien , Sze Siu Kwan, Newman Discovery, expression, mutagenesis, structure, mechanism and validation of protein ligases