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List of Ph.D. Projects Available

The application deadline for August intake is 31st January and January intake is 31st July.

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The following table lists the Ph.D. projects that are currently available. Please click on the link to find out more on the research area., You may email the research supervisor/principal investigator if you have any questions regarding the project.

Research Project Title
Bhattacharyya, Surajit Design and mode of action of antimicrobials (peptides and mimetics) and mechanisms of bacterial resistance
Mechanisms of Integrins Mediated Cell-Cell Adhesion & Therapeutics Development
Designing Functional Mini-proteins
Ch’ng Toh Hean*​ Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Synapse-to-nucleus signaling and transcription-dependent plasticity in neurodegenerative disorders
The role of astrocytes during learning and memory​
​Chen, Albert I-Ming ​Defining the functional organization of cerebellar output circuits involve in motor and non-motor behaviors​
​Choe Young-Jun ​ ​Quality control mechanisms of incomplete nascent proteins
​Quality control of stalled proteins in human cells
Francesc Xavier Roca Castella  Splicing mechanisms and their alterations in human genetic diseases​
Fullwood, Melissa Understanding 3D genome organization in cancer through an integrated artificial intelligence and molecular biology approach​
Gao, Yonggui Structure and function of ribosome and drug design; Glycobiology towards Biofuel; Pathogen virulence
​Goh, Wilson Missing protein prediction using networks​
​​Kimberly Kline
​ ​ ​
Formation and function of membrane lipid microdomains in Enterococcus faecalis
Mechanisms of E. faecalis Subversion of Neutrophil-mediated killing
Mechanisms of E. faecalis Immune Modulation in Macrophages
The lipidomics of Enterococcus faecalis infection
Koh Cheng Gee Functional Relationship between Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation and Cell Cycle Progression
Cancer Microenvironment and its Impact on the Biology of Cancer Cells
Regulation of embryonic stem cell pluripotency and differentiation by biochemical and biophysical cues
Lescar Julien

The L protein from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Structures and functions

Liang Zhao-Xun ​ Production of cannabinoids and other natural products using microbial hosts
​Genome-guided discovery of marine natural products
Li Hoi Yeung ​ Application of 3D culture to investigate somatic cells reprogramming, cancer development and various cellular events
Investigation on the molecular mechanism and physiological roles of AAA-ATpase p97/VCP in cancer metastasis
Multidisciplinary approach to redefine chromosome condensation models
Li Yinghui Characterizing the regulatory landscape of cancer drivers and vulnerabilities 
Epigenetic regulation of NF-κB in cancers​​
Role of MAPK signaling in chromatin organization and transcriptional control of cancers​
Lu, Lanyuan
Investigating the protein phase behavior in polarized fungal growth by coarse-grained molecular simulation​
​Ludwig, Alexander ​ Structure and higher-order organisation of caveolae studied by correlative light and electron microscopy
​Ma Wei ​Functional characterization of transcriptional regulator(s) in plant oil biosynthesis and plant development
Miao Yansong Cellular aging regulation by cytoskeleton and phase separation
Liquid-liquid Phase Separation (LLPS)-regulated plant immunity
Mechanistic studies of LLPS-mediated actin assembly via reconstitution 
Defence mechanisms of plant for pathogen infection
Mitra, Rupshi Individual difference in stress coping: A possible brain mechanism
Stress manifestation and its implications in primate society
Mu Yuguang​ ​ Improved computational models for peptide/HLA interactions with T cells and natural killer cells
Understanding off-target effects of CRISPR/Cas9 using molecular dynamics simulations​
​Improve protein-ligands docking scoring using machine learning method.
Mueller-Cajar Oliver Microalgal CO2 superchargers
Mechanistic studies concerning biological CO2 fixation
Mutwil, Marek Elucidating adaptive mechanism conferring resilience to environmental stress in plants
Identifying biosynthetic pathways for high-value compounds
Nordenskiöld, Lars Biochemical and biophysical investigations of structural and dynamic properties of telomeric chromatin and nucleosomes
Multi-Scale Simulations of Biomolecular Self-Assembly by Inverse Monte Carlo
Solid State NMR on chromatin
Pervushin, Konstantin Mechanism of chaperone function of prostaglandin synthase for amyloid b-peptides
​​Preiser, Peter​ ​ ​ ​ ​​The role of RNA modifications in malaria parasite biology​
Small variant antigens of malaria parasites as key regulators of biological functions
​​​The plasmodium parasite exported protein interactome inside the host erythrocyte
Ruedl, Christiane Cross-talk between resident macrophages and adipose tissue in obesity: searching for culprits
Sanyal, Amartya Understanding chromatin and epigenetic basis of gene regulatory landscape in development and disease
Salojärvi, ​Jarkko Adaptive radiation following the loss of a root symbiont
Shashi Bhushan Structural and biochemical studies of Mycobacterial drug transporters
Structural and biochemical studies of Mycobacterial biosynthetic enzymes
​Structural analysis of drug binding on Potassium Channels
Su I-Hsin Functional characterization and physiological significance of SETD3-mediated methylation in immune responses
Molecular and functional characterization of UBR7-regulated cell adhesion and migration 
The role of cytoplasmic EZH2 in cancer stem cells
​​The role of dendritic cells in T cell development and thymic involution
Surgrue, Richard Signalling pathways that mediate respiratory syncytial virus morphogenesis
Evaluation of 3D cell culture systems for use as bioreactors in production for vaccine development and isolation of viruses from clinical specimens
Development of a vaccine candidate for EMCV
Host pathogen interactions with the influenza virus polymerase complex
Sze Siu Kwan, Newman Hypoxia-sensitive epigenetic regulators (HYSERs) as novel targets for the treatment of solid tumors
Elucidating epigenetic regulation in food/diet induced obesity and metabolic syndrome
Pre-clinical development of a cancer immunotherapy targeting tumor exosomal proteins
​Translational biomarker research to identify silent vulnerable patient at risk of major adverse cardiovascular events
Translational biomarker research for prediction of diabetic vascular complications in diabetes mellitus patients
Tan Suet Mien Investigating integrin-linked cell adhesion-mediated drug resistance in leukemic cells
Investigating the roles of kindlins in cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Tashiro Ayumu Roles of astrocyte-neuron signaling in neuronal information processing in the hippocampus
Molecular mechanisms underlying experience- and activity-dependent regulations of adult neurogenesis
Electrophysiological investigation of the function of new neurons in adult hippocampus
Thanabalu, Thirumaran Molecular characterization of Cancer resistance in Atopic Dermatitis mice (Skin Research Scholarship)
Identification of the molecular mechanism of long hair phenotype in triple transgenic mice (Skin Research Scholarship)
Role of N-WASP in Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Skin Research Scholarship)​
Thibault, Guillaume Characterising the anti-aging role of the unfolded protein response from high glucose diet
Dissecting the Output of the Unfolded Protein Response in C. elegans
Identify Essential Genes to Construct a Functional Unfolded Protein Response Programme Using Synthetic Biology
Vyas, Ajai Behavioral manipulation of the host by the parasites
Non-consumptive effects of predation
Yoon Ho Sup, Joe NR4A Nuclear Receptors in Insulin Signaling and Fatty Liver Diseases
​​​​* PhD projects not available for Research Student Scholarships from SBS-NTU