Graduate Programmes


Graduate Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science students enrolled in graduate programmes by research may be admitted on a full-time or part-time basis. Research scholarships are available to outstanding full-time candidates. Students are required to participate in research and fullfill course work requirements.

Ph.D. Programme

Since 2005, more than 166 Ph.D. students have graduated from the School of Biological Sciences. Promising scholars and researchers with interest in biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, stem cells, cancer, immunology, chemical biology, structural biology, infectious disease, microbiology, neuroscience, gene regulation are encouraged to apply. Prestigious scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants. Ph.D. students are required to complete 4 courses within the entire cadidature period. The final requirements include the submission of a PhD dissertation and an oral examination. Application period is open in January and July.

To find out more on how to apply, please visit the below link.
Graduate Course Offered in Semester 1



Course Title

Subject Coordinator


Foundational Course in Information Biology

Konstantin Pervushin


Graduate Seminar Course

Koh Cheng Gee


Practical Course in Protein Crystallography

Julien Lescar

BS7408 Current topics in immunology Su I-Hsin


Teaching Assistant Programme


HWG703 *

Graduate English Course


Graduate Course Offered in Semester 2


Course Title

Subject Coordinator


Foundational Course in Molecular & Cell Biology

Lu Lei


Practical Course in Mulitdimensional NMR spectroscopy

Konstantin Pervushin

​BS7010  ​Practical Course in Electron Microscopy and image processing of macromolecular complexes Shashi Bhushan


​Practical Course in Immunology

​​​Christiane Ruedl


Skin Biology: Theory and Practice

Gao Yonggui



Hong Yan

​BS7017 ​Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and Medical Devices Yoon Ho Sup​
​BS7018​ ​Introduction to diagnostic virology ​Richard Sugrue
BS7107 Computational Biology and modeling Mu Yuguang


Practical Course in Advanced Microscopy

Li Hoi Yeung


Small Group Teaching


HWG703 *

Graduate English


*Both HWG703 and HWG702 are compulsory for all full-time PhD students and Graduate Research Officer.HWG703 may be exempted if you meet the exemption criteria. Students must pass both HWG702 and HWG703 before PhD Confirmation / Qualifying Exam (QE) in order to receive the Research Scholarship Stipend increment. Students who are exempted for HWG703 are required to take and pass HWG702.

M.Sc. Programme

We offer M.Sc. by research. The students are required to fulfill course work requriement and conduct original research leading to a M.Sc. dissertation.

Transferrable Skills Programme 

Apart from research and intellectural skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and other professional skills and attributes are also integral to post-graduate training. 

The Transferable Skills Programme aims to impart our students skills that are relevant to both research and to career beyond their stint at NTU. Courses in this programme are offered to all graduate students from the College of Science(CoS). This programme is compulsory to all PhD students enrolled in/after August 2015.

Components and Requirements of the Transferrable Skills Programme 


SBS Graduate Students  Transferable Skills Requirement ​​
Full-time PhD students and Graduate Research Officer admitted in Aug'15 and Jan'16  ​3 Core Modules  Minimum 4 Electives ​
​Full-time PhD students and Graduate Research Officer admitted in Aug'16 and onwards  4 Core Modules 
(Information Research and Management by NTU Library)
​Minimum 3 Electives 
​Part-time PhD students admitted in Aug'16 and onwards Required to take the Information Research and Management by NTU Library
​Full-time and Part-time MSc students admitted in Aug'16 and onwards  ​Required to take Information Research and Management by NTU Library

Thesis Submission

The following are the statements to be included in all theses submission. 

  1. Statement of Originality: Certifies that the work done and reported is the student's own and has not been previously submitted to another University or Institution. 
  2. Supervisor Declaration Statement: Certifies that the supervisor has read through the thesis declares that the thesis is free from plagiarism and ready for examination.
  3. Authorship Attribution Statement: Details the contribution of each author to the study.

Please click here for the thesis cover format.

Joint Ph.D. Programme at SBS

The School of Biological Sciences is proud to offer two Joint PhD Programmes in the aresa of Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, Immunology and Chemical Biology with partner institutions of Karoliska Institute (Sweden), and Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN).