Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS7414 Practical Course in Advanced Microscopy

Course Coordinator: Associate Professor LI Hoi Yeung (email:

Availability: Semester 2

The technology for optical microscopy has been evolved rapidly with the development of opto-electronic technologies such as femtosecond lasers and highly sensitive photo- detectors, together with a wide variety of new fluorescent labelling methodologies and digital image analysis routines for 3D and live cell 4D data sets. The course Advanced Microscopy will enable graduate students to develop theoretical- and hands-on expertise within the area of confocal microscopy.

​N2 License No. Location​​ ​Make ​Model
N2/03602/0001 SBS-2S-71 Carl Zeiss LSM 710META
N2/03602/0004 SBS-2S-71 CryLas
N2/03602/0007 SBS-2S-71 ​​Carl Zeiss LSM510 META
N2/03602/0044 SBS-2S-71 ​​Carl Zeiss LaserTIRF3


  • Fundamentals of Light Microscopy
  • Imaging live cells and tissues, DIC and phase contrast microscopy
  • Basic Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
  • Advanced Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
  • Florescence correlation spectroscopy: principle and application
  • Imaging of live cell using fluorescence microscopy
  • Using confocal laser scanning microscopy for 3D imaging
  • F-Techniques (FRET, FRAP, FLIP, iFRAP & FLIM)
  • Protein dynamic study by confocal laser scanning microscopy