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BS7016 Bioentrepreneurship

Course Coordinator: Professor Sten Albert Ohlson (email:

Availability: Semester 2

Singapore is currently an exciting place for bioentrepreneurship and the bioindustry is an area where many activities are taking place and where opportunities abound. The huge capital and energy input into biotechnology/life sciences is a pillar for our country’s economy and presents a strong indication of the tremendous opportunity that is present in this field. In this course, we will not only show you the structure of bioentrepreneurship, but also impart the spirit and essence of it. Bioentrepreneurship and the launching of new ventures aims to create or build something novel or different that has a major impact on one’s dream and also on peoples’ lives and ultimately on the society. It will lead to new and improved products/services and in doing so create new jobs and added value for owners, investors and society. Starting up a bioventure usually requires more money than you have in the bank, more energy than you thought you had and more skills and know-how than you thought you needed. The knowledge you will gain in this course will leverage your  competitiveness in your future professional life not only for starting-up  business ventures but also in any management- or research positions you will have in industry.

  • What is Bioentrepreneurship?
  • The essentials of a Bioentrepreneur’s life-story.
  • The Singapore landscape in bioscience.
  • How to start a biobusiness in Singapore.
  • Management in Bioentrepreneurship with emphasis on leadership and organization.
  • Start-up and exit strategies of a Bio-company.
  • How to make a detailed business plan on your PhD research project.
  • How to manage intellectual assets.
  • Entrepreneurial finances and accounting.
  • Marketing and Sales in Bioentrepreneurship.
  • Regulation and Quality systems in Bioentrepreneurship.
  • Legal issues in Bioentrepreneurship.
  • Study visit to biocompany in Singapore.