Curriculum & Course Descriptions


BS7010 Practical Course in Electron Microscopy and image processing of macromolecular complexes

Course Coordinator: Assistant Professor Sashi BHUSHAN (email:

Availability: Semester 2

This course is designed particularly for PhD students, who already have a basic knowledge in structural biology. The course will contain the foundational basis of electron microscopy (EM) and single particle analysis (SPA). It will be focused on the development and enhancing of practical skills in the use of the advanced image processing techniques in three dimensional structure determinations of macromolecular protein complexes.  The course will feature about 42 contact hours, including the EM lab, enabling direct participation in small groups with practical hands-on experiments in image acquisition and data processing using image processing packages such as EMAN and Relion.

  • Basic operation of electron microscope and image acquisition
  • Image processing and 3D reconstruction