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Job Openings

Workday Reference Position Hiring Manager
R00004888 Research Fellow Mu Yuguang
R00004806 Research Associate (Molecular & Cell Biology/Genomics) Li Yinghui
R00004805 Project Officer (Molecular & Cell Biology/Genomics) Li Yinghui
R00004789 Research Fellow (Biochemical) James Tam
R00004787 Research Assistant (Biochemical) James Tam
R00004723 Research Fellow (Human Cell Biology) Choe Young Jun
R00004722 Research Associate (Human Cell Biology) Choe Young Jun
R00004709 Research Associate (Molecular Biology and Genomic) Zbynek Bozdech
R00004706 Project Officer (Malaria Parasite Zoonoses) Zbynek Bozdech
R00004247 Research Assistant (Synthetic Biology) Liang Zhao-Xun
R00004129 Project Officer (Molecular Biology) Marek Mutwil
R00004049 Research Assistant (Biological Sciences) Gao Yonggui
R00003976 Research Assistant (Molecular Biology) Peter Preiser
R00003908 Project Officer Julien Lescar
R00003753 Research Associate (Bioinformatics/Bio-Data Science/Machine Learning) Wilson Goh
R00003752 Research Associate (Bioinformatics/Bio-Data Science/Machine Learning) Wilson Goh
R00003645 Research Fellow (Cardiovascular Biomarker Research) Sze Siu Kwan
R00003580 Research Fellow (Computational Biology/Bioinformatics/Machine Learning) Li Yinghui
R00003569 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003568 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003567 Project Officer (Neuroscience) Ayumu Tashiro
R00003566 Senior Research Fellow (Biology/Chemistry) Marek Mutwil
R00002944 Research Fellow (Machine Learning) Dao Ming
R00002081 Research Fellow (Cell & Molecular Biology) Zbynek Bozdech
R00002033 Project Officer (Molecular Biology) Wu Bin
R00002030 Senior Research Fellow (Molecular Biology) Peter Preiser
R00001350 Senior Research Fellow (Cardiovascular Diseases Immunoassay) Sze Siu Kwan
R00001162 Research Fellow (Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics) Sze Siu Kwan
R00000430 Research Fellow Sze Siu Kwan
R00000135 Research Associate (Computer Science/Bioinformatics) Li Yinghui
R00000126 Research Fellow Wilson Goh
R00000090 Senior Research Fellow James Tam

Updated January 2021
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