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Project Officer

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Job description
The project officer will work on a project that investigates kindlins in cancer progression. Kindlins belong to a small family of FERM-containing cytoplasmic proteins that are crucial in cell migration, and recent studies demonstrated additional roles of these proteins in other cellular processes. We will employ a range of techniques, including molecular, cell based, biophysical and animal studies to discover novel roles of kindlins in physiological and pathological processes. The candidate should be familiar with basic molecular cell biology techniques, including PCR, immunoblotting, sub-cloning, mammalian cell culture and transfection. The project officer will also assist in the day-to-day running of the lab. Details of our team’s research can be found at:

The appointment will commence in Jan 2017. 


  • Honours degree in Biological Sciences or related discipline.
  • Good team player and possess good communication skills.

At least performed full-time honours degree research project. Details of the honours degree project completed should be provided in the application. Application procedure
Interested candidates are required to submit their CV along with a brief research interest statement and two letters of recommendation to Assoc. Prof Tan Suet Mien at
Only successful applicants will be contacted.