Job Openings in SBS


Project Officer

Job Description

​ The School of Biological Sciences is putting together all the technologies relevant to molecular interactions such as SPR biosensors, ITC, Analytical Ultracentrifuge, Ligand Tracer under the same roof as a platform for molecular interactions. The successful candidate should have at least three years of experience of practical study of molecular interactions using biophysics, preferably with multiple techniques. Responsibilities include operating and maintaining the equipment as well as training of users under the supervision of the Manager of the Platform for Molecular Interactions.

In addition to expertise in biophysics, other important skills are

  • A solid understanding of protein expression and characterization.
  • Experience in practical aspects of lab management and organization.

Proven ability to interpret data, conduct in-depth analysis of research experiments in collaborative environment.


  • BSc degree in Biological Sciences or related areas.
  • Highly motivated and hardworking with good analytical skills.
  • Feeling comfortable with biophysical instruments.
  • Good communication skills - both verbal and written.
  • Troubleshooting skills for commonly encountered problems
  • At least three years of experience with biophysical characterizations of molecular interactions.

Application procedure

Interested candidates are required to submit their CV along with a brief research interest statement and two letters of recommendation to Dr Andreas Larsson at

Only successful applicants will be contacted.