Job Openings in SBS


Postdoctoral fellow and Project officer

Positions are open for a postdoctoral fellow and a project officer position in the area of secondary metabolite biosynthesis will be available in A/P Liang Zhao-Xun's lab from July 15, 2016.

Job description

The responsibilities of the position primarily include cultivating microbes and using molecular biology tools to identify biosynthetic genes and elucidate biosynthetic mechanisms. The postdoctoral candidate is expected to be highly independent and have a strong background in molecular biology cloning with relevant research experience and publications.


The candidate for the project officer is expected to have a B.S. degree in biology or chemistry. The project officer is expected to handle some basic fermentation, cloning and administrative work. The initial appointment is for one year with the possibility of extension pending adequate performance.

Application procedure

Interested applicants must submit a CV, a brief statement to Prof. Liang by email ( Kindly note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.