Gao Yonggui


Selected Publications

  1. Hu, S.Q.*, Gao, Y.G.*, Tajima, K.*, Sunagawa, N., Zhou, Y., Kawano, S., Yoda, T., Shimura, D., Satoh, Y., Munekata, M., Tanaka, I. and Yao, M., “Structure of bacterial cellulose synthase subunit D octamer with four inner passageways”, PNAS, 2010, In Press. (*: These authors contributed equally, same as below).
  2. Neubauer, C.*, Gao, Y.G.*, Andersen, K.R.*, Dunham, C., Kelley, A., Hentschel, J., Gerdes, K., Ramakrishnan, V. and Ditlev Egeskov Brodersen, D. E. “The structural basis for mRNA cleavage by the ribosome-dependent endonuclease RelE”, Cell, (Cover image) 2009, 139 (6): 1084-1095.
  3. Gao, Y.G., Maria Selmer, M., Dunham, C.M., Weixlbaumer, A., Kelley, A.C. and Ramakrishnan, V. “The structure of the ribosome with elongation factor G trapped in the post-translocational state”, Science(Article, Cover image) 2009, 326, 694-699. (Comment in Science 2009 326:677-678)
  4. Schmeing, T.M.*, Voorhees, R.M.*, Kelley, A.C., Gao, Y.G., Murphy, F.V., Weir, J.R. and Ramakrishnan, V. “The crystal structure of the ribosome bound to EF-Tu and aminoacyl-tRNA”, Science (Article, Cover image) 2009, 326, 688-694. (Comment in Science 2009 326:677-678)
  5. Gao, Y.G., Suzuki, H., Itou, H., Wachi, M., Watanabe, N., Tanaka, I., and Yao, M. “Structural and functional characterization of the LldR from Corynebacterium glutamicum: a transcriptional repressor involved in L-lactate and sugar utilization”, Nucleic Acids Research, 2008, 36, 7110-7123.
  6. Yoshikazu, T., Sakamoto, S., Kuroda, M., Goda, S., Gao, Y.G., Tsumoto, K., Hiragi, Y., Yao, M., Watanabe, N., Ohta, T., and Tanaka, I. “A helical string of alternately connected two-three helix bundles for the 1.1-megadalton cell wall-associated adhesion protein Ebh from Staphylococcus aureus”, Structure, 2008, 16: 488-496.
  7. Gao, Y.G., Yao, M. and Tanaka, I. “The structure of protein PH0536 from Pyrococcus horikoshii at 1.7 Å resolution reveals a novel assembly of an oligonucleotide / oligosaccharide-binding fold and an a-helices bundle”, Proteins, 2008, 71: 503-508.
  8. Gao, Y.G., Yao, M., Itou, H., Zhou, Y. and Tanaka, I. “The structures of transcription factor CGL2947 from Corynebacteriumglutamicum in two crystal forms: a novel homodimer assembling and the implication for effector-binding mode”, Protein Science, 2007, 16 (9): 1878-1886.
  9. Gao, Y.G., Yao, M., Zhou, Y. and Tanaka, I. “crystal structure of the putative methyltransferase PH1948 from Pyrococcus horikoshii,in complex with the co-purified S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine”, Proteins, 2005, 61(4): 1141-1145.
  10. Gao, Y.G., Guan, Y.X., Yao, S.J. and Cho, M.G. On-column Refolding of Recombinant Human Interferon-gamma Assisted with an Immobilized Chaperone Fragment”. Biotechnology Progress, 2003, 19(3): 915-20.