Yansong Miao


Selected Publications

  1. Yansong Miao*, Xuemei Han, Liangzhen Zheng, Ying Xie, Yuguang Mu, John R. Yates, III, and David G. Drubin* (2016) Fimbrin phosphorylation by metaphase Cdk1 regulates actin cable dynamics in budding yeast, Nature Communications 7: 11265. (*Co-corresponding author)
  2. Yansong Miao, Catherine C.L. Wong, Vito Mennella, Alphée Michelot, Michael Costanzo, Charles Boone, David A. Agard, Liam J. Holt, John R. Yates, III and David G. Drubin (2013) Cell cycle regulation of formin-mediated actin cable assembly. Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110:E4446-55 (Journal Cover) (Highlighted by PNAS Commentary)
  3. Yidi Sun*, Yansong Miao*, Yukari Yamane, Chao Zhang, Kevan M. Shokat, Hiromu Takematsu, Yasunori Kozutsumi and David G. Drubin (2012) Orm protein phosphoregulation mediates transient sphingolipid biosynthesis response to heat stress via the Pkh-Ypk and Cdc55-PP2A pathways. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23(12):2388-98. (* equal authorship) (Highlights from MBoC).
  4. Georgia Drakakaki, Wilhelmina van de Ven, Songqin Pan, Yansong Miao, Junqi Wang, Nana Keinath, Brent Weatherly, Liwen Jiang, Karin Schumacher, and Glenn Hicks Natasha Raikhel, (2012). Isolation and proteomic analysis of the SYP61 compartment reveal its role in exocytic trafficking in Arabidopsis. Cell Research 22:413–424.
  5. Yansong Miao, Hong-Ye Li, Jinbo Shen, Junqi Wang and Liwen Jiang (2011) QUASIMODO 3 (QUA3) is a putative homogalacturonan methyltransferase regulating cell wall biosynthesis in Arabidopsis suspension culture cells. Journal of Experimental Botany 62: 5063-5078.
  6. Juan Wang, Yu Ding, Junqi Wang, Stefan Hillmer, Yansong Miao, Sze Wan Lo, Xiangfeng Wang, David G. Robinson, and Liwen Jiang (2011) EXPO, an Exocyst-Positive Organelle Distinct from Multivesicular Endosomes and Autophagosomes, Mediates Cytosol to Cell Wall Exocytosis in Arabidopsis and Tobacco Cells. The Plant Cell, 22(5): 4009-4030.
  7. Xu He, Jason D. Galpin, Michael B. Tropak, Don Mahuran, Thomas Haselhorst, Mark von Itzstein, Daniel Kolarich, Nicolle H. Packer, Yansong Miao, Liwen Jiang, Gregory A. Grabowski, Lorne A. Clarke, and Allison R. Kermode (2012) Production of active human glucocerebrosidase in seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana complex-glycan-deficient (cgl) plants. Glycobiology 22(4):492-503.
  8. Fang Chen, Ming-Jun Gao, Yan-Song Miao, Yue-Xing Yuan, Mu-Yang Wang, Qun Li, Bi-Zeng Mao, Li-Wen Jiang and Zu-Hua He (2010) Plasma Membrane Localization and Potential Endocytosis of Constitutively Expressed XA21 Proteins in Transgenic Rice. Molecular Plant 2010 3(5):917-26.
  9. Hyeran Kim, Hyangju Kang, Mihue Jang, Jeong Ho Chang, Yansong Miao, Liwen Jiang, and Inhwan Hwang (2010) Homomeric Interaction of AtVSR1 Is Essential for Its Function as a Vacuolar Sorting Receptor. Plant Physiology 154:134-148.
  10. Junqi Wang, Yi Cai, Yansong Miao, Sheung Kwan Lam and Liwen Jiang (2009) Wortmannin induces homotypic fusion of plant prevacuolar compartments. Journal of Experimental Botany 60(11):3075-3083.
  11. Yansong Miao, Kwun Yee Li, Hong-Ye Li, Xiaoqiang Yao and Liwen Jiang (2008) Vacuolar transport of aleurain-GFP and 2S albumin-GFP fusions is mediated by the same prevacuolar compartments in tobacco BY-2 and Arabidopsis suspension cultured cells. The Plant Journal 56(5):824-839.
  12. Yansong Miao and Liwen Jiang (2007) Transient expression of fluorescent fusion proteins in protoplasts of suspension cultured cells. Nature Protocols 2(10):2348-2353.
  13. Myung Ki Min, Soo Jin Kim, Yansong Miao, Juyoun Shin, Liwen Jiang and Inhwan Hwang (2007). Overexpression of Arabidopsis AGD7 causes relocation of Golgi-localized proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum and inhibits protein trafficking in plant cells. Plant Physiology 143:1601-1614
  14. Emmanuel Delhaize, Benjamin D. Gruber1, Jon K. Pittman, Rosemary G. White, Helen Leung, Yansong Miao, Liwen Jiang, Peter R. Ryan and Alan E. Richardson (2007) A role for the AtMTP11 gene of Arabidopsis in manganese transport and tolerance. The Plant Journal 51:198-210.
  15. Junqi Wang, Yansong Miao and Liwen Jiang (2006) Response to Gomord et al.: Golgi-bypassing: delivery of biopharmaceutical proteins to protein storage vacuoles in plant bioreactors. Trends in Biotechnology 24(4):147-149.
  16. Yansong Miao, Pak Kan Yan, Inhwan Hwang and Liwen Jiang (2006) Localization of GFP Fusions with the seven Arabidopsis vacuolar sorting receptors to prevacuolar compartments in tobacco BY-2 cells. Plant Physiology 142: 945-962.