Karjalainen, Klaus Erik


Selected Publications

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  2. Sundberg, E.J., P.S. Andersen, P.M. Schlievert, K. Karjalainen, and R.A: Mariuzza 2003. Structural, energetic and functional analysis of a protein-protein interface at distinct stages of affinity maturation. Structure 11:1151-1161
  3. Sundberg, E.J., H. Li, A.s. Llera, J.K. McCormick, J.Tormo, P.M. Schlievert, K. Karjalaninen and R.A. Mariuzza. 2002 Structures of two streptococcal superantigens bound to TCR beta chains reveal diversity in the architecture of T cell signaling complexes Structure 10: 687-699.
  4. Kisielow, J., A.C: Nairn and K. Karjalainen 2001. TARPP, a novel protein that accompanies TCR gene rearrangement and thymocyte education. Eur J Immunol 31: 1141-1149.
  5. Ruedl C., P. Koebel and K. Karjalainen 2001. In vivo-matured Langerhans cells continue to take up and process native proteins unlike in vitro-matured counterparts. J Immunol 166: 7178-7182