Oliver Mueller-Cajar


Selected Publications

  1. Mueller-Cajar O., Stotz M., Wendler P., Hartl F. U., Bracher A. and Hayer-Hartl M., Structure and function of the AAA+ protein CbbX, a red-type Rubisco activase. (2011) Nature 479: 194-199, 2011

  2. Stotz M., Mueller-Cajar O., Ciniawsky S., Wendler P., Hartl F.U., Bracher A. and Hayer-Hartl M., Structure of green-type Rubisco activase from tobacco. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (2011) 18 (12):1366-70

  3. Mueller-Cajar O., Whitney S.M., Directing the evolution of Rubisco and Rubisco activase: first impressions of a new tool for photosynthesis research. Photosynthesis Research (2008) 98 (1-3):667-75

  4. Mueller-Cajar O., Whitney S.M., Evolving improved Synechococcus Rubisco functional expression in Escherichia coli. Biochemical Journal (2008) 414(2):205-214

  5. Mueller-Cajar O., Morell M. and Whitney S.M., Directed evolution of Rubisco in Escherichia coli reveals a specificity-determining hydrogen bond in the Form II enzyme. Biochemistry (2007) 46(49):14067-14074