Zhang Li-Feng


Selected Publications

  1. Li-Feng Zhang, Yuya Ogawa, Janice Y. Ahn, Satoshi Namekawa, Susana S. Silva, and Jeannie T. Lee (2009). Telomeric RNAs mark sex chromosomes in stem cells. Genetics 182 (3): Cover, 685-698
  2. Li-Feng Zhang, Khanh D. Huynh, and Jeannie T. Lee (2007). The inactive X is targeted to a peri-nucleolar compartment during S phase: Evidence for a role in the maintenance of silencing. Cell 129:693-706.
  3. Mary E. Donohoe, Li-Feng Zhang, Na Xu, Yang Shi, and Jeannie T. Lee (2007). Identification of a Ctcf cofactor, Yy1, for the X-chromosome binary switch. Molecular Cell 25:43-56.
  4. Satoshi H. Namekawa, Peter J. Park, Li-Feng Zhang, James E. Shima, John R. McCarrey, Michael D. Griswold, and Jeannie T. Lee (2006). Post-meiotic sex chromatin in the male germline of mouse. Current Biology 16:660-667.
  5. Li-Feng Zhang, Jia-Huan Ding, Bing-Zhi Yang, Guo-Cheng He and Charles Roe (2003). Characterization of the bi-directional promoter region between the human genes encoding VLCAD and PSD-95. Genomics 82:660-668.