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Mu Yuguang


Mu Yuguang

Mu Yuguang
Associate Professor

Office: 04s-46
Telephone: 6316 2885



  • B.Sc. Physics - Shandong University, PRC
  • M.S. Quantum Chemistry - Shandong University, PRC
  • Ph.D. Physics - Shandong University, PRC

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor at School of Biological Sciences, NTU, Singapore from 2006
  • Lee Kuan Yew Postdoctoral Fellow at School of Biological Sciences, NTU, Singapore from 2003-2006
  • Research Fellow at Theoretical Chemistry, J.W.Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2000-2003
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Physics Department, University of Freiburg, Germany 1999-2000

Research Interest

  1. MD simulation method and data analysis method development. Nearly all important biological events happen in the time scale of microseconds, such as protein domain large-amplitude movement, single nucleic base flipping, which is beyond the simulation time afforded nowadays. As a result new simulation methods have to be invented to study such importantly biologically related events. And equally important for MD simulation is the data analysis method. Our paper (recently published in Proteins 58 p45 (2005)) gave such example.
  2. Peptide, protein folding, unfolding study, specially aimed at folding, misfolding mechanism which could lead to amyloid fibril.
  3. DNA dynamics, DNA-protein, DNA-counterions interaction study.
  4. RNA dynamics and folding study.