Tan Suet Mien


Selected Publications

  1. Chatterjee, D., D’Souza, A., Zhang, Y., Bin W., Tan, S.M., and Bhattacharjya, S. (2018) Interaction analyses of 14-3-3ζ, Dok1, and phosphorylated integrin β cytoplasmic tails reveal a bi-molecular switch in integrin regulation. J. Mol. Biol. 430, 4419-4430.
  2. Chatterjee, D., Lewis Lu, Z., Tan, S.M.*, and Bhattacharjya, S*. (2018) NMR structure, dynamics and interactions of the integrin β2 cytoplasmic tail with filamin domain IgFLNa21. Sci. Rep., 8, 5490. (*co-correspondance)
  3. Guan, S.Y., Chng, C.P., Ong, L.T., Tan, H.F., Law, S.K.A., and Tan, S.M. (2018) The binding interface of kindlin-2 and ILK involves Asp344/Asp352/Thr356 in kindlin-2 and Arg243/Arg334 in ILK. FEBS Lett, 592, 112-121.
  4. Ong, L.T., Tan, H.F., Feng, C., Qu, J., Loh, S.C., Bhattachariya, S., and Tan, S.M. (2017) The Systemic Lupus Erythematosus associated single nucleotide polymorphism rs1143678 in integrin αM cytoplasmic tail generates a 14-3-3ζ binding site that is proinflammatory. J. Immunol. 198, 883-894.
  5. Feng, C., Wee, W.K., Chen, H., Ong, L.T., Qu, J., Tan, H.F., and Tan, S.M. (2016) Expression of kindlin-3 in melanoma cells impedes cell migration and metastasis. Cell Adh Migr. 7:1-15.
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  7. Chatterjee, D., Zhiping, L.L., Tan, S.M.*, and Bhattacharjya, S*. (2016) Interaction analyses of the integrin β2 cytoplasmic tail with the F3 FERM domain of talin and 14-3-3ζ reveal a ternary complex with phosphorylated tail. J. Mol. Biol. 428:4129-4142. *co-corresponding authors. ​
  8. Guan, S.Y., Tan, S.M., Li, Y., Torres, J., and Law S.K.A. (2016) Function and conformation analyses of an aspartate substitution of the invariant glycine in the integrin βI domain α1-α1′ helixBiochem. Biophy. Rep. 7, 214–217.​
  9. Chua, GL., Tan, S.M.*, Bhattacharjya, S.* (2016) NMR Characterization and Membrane Interactions of the Loop Region of Kindlin-3 F1 Subdomain. PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153501. *co-corresponding authors.​​
  10. Han, J.J., Tan, H.F., Feng C., Wee, W.K., Tee, S.Y., and Tan, S.M. (2016) Data on cell spread area and directional contraction in human umbilical vein endothelial cells on fibronectin and on collagen type I-coated micro-posts. Data Brief. 6, 803-810.
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  12. Qu, J., Ero, R., Feng, C., Ong, L.T., Tan, H.F., Lee, H.S., Ismail, M.H., Bu, W.T., Nama, S., Sampath, P., Gao, Y.G., and Tan, S.M. (2015) Kindlin-3 interacts with the ribosome and regulates c-Myc expression required for proliferation of chronic myeloid leukemia cells. Sci. Rep. 5:18491.
  13. Gupta, S., Chia Y.C.J., Feng, C., Bhunia, A., Tan, S.M., and Bhattacharjya, S. (2015) An alternative phosphorylation switch in integrin ß2 (CD18) tail for Dok1 binding. Sci. Rep. 5, article no. 11630
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