Kraut, Rachel Susan


Selected Publications

  1. Lim A. and Kraut R. (2009). The Drosophila BEACH family protein, Blue cheese, links lysosomal axon transport with motorneuron degeneration. Journal of Neuroscience, 29(4), 951-963.
  2. Kumar S., Wang Y.S., Viswanathan V. and Kraut R. (2008). Multivariate Profiling of Neurodegeneration-associated changes in a Subcellular Compartment of Neurons via Image Processing. BMC BioData Mining, 1(10).
  3. Steinert S., Lee E., Tresset, G., Zhang, D., Hortsch R., Wetzel, R., Hebbar S., Sundram, J.R., Kesavapany, S., Boschke, E. and Kraut R. (2008). A sphingolipid-binding fluorescent probe traces specific membrane microdomain-derived trafficking pathways in live cells. PLoS ONE, 3(8), e2933.
  4. Hebbar S., Lee E., Manna M., Steinert S., Kumar G.S., Wenk M., Wohland T., and Kraut R. (2008). A fluorescent Sphingolipid Binding Domain peptide probe interacts with sphingolipids and cholesterol-dependent raft domains. J Lipid Res, 49(5), 1077-1089.