Li Yinghui


Selected Publications

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  4. Li Y* and Tergaonkar, V. (2016) Telomerase reactivation in cancers: Mechanisms that govern transcriptional activation of the wild-type vs. mutant TERT promoters. Transcription 7, 44-49. (*Corresponding author)

  5. Li Y, Zhou Q-L, Sun W, Chandrasekharan P, Cheng HS, Ying Z, Lakshmanan M, Raju A, Tenen DG, Cheng SY, Chuang KH, Li J, Prabhakar S, Li M, and Tergaonkar V. (2015). Non-canonical NF-κB signalling and ETS1/2 cooperatively drive C250T mutant TERT promoter activation. Nature Cell Biology 17, 1327-38.  *Highlighted in cover of October 2015 issue; featured in Cancer Discovery, Research Watch Nov 2015.

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