Ch'ng Toh Hean


Selected Publications

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  2. Kratchamarov, R, Kramer, T., Greco, T.M., Taylor, M.P., Ch’ng, T.H., Cristea, I.M. and Enquist, L.W. Glycoprotein gE and gI are required for efficient KIF1A-dependent anterograde axonal transport of alphaherpesvirus particles in neurons. J Virol. Jun 26, 2013.
  3. Ch’ng, T.H., DeSalvo, M.D., Lin, P., Martin, K.C. Molecular mechanism of CRTC1 long distance signal transduction in neurons. 2015. (Manuscript in review)
  4. Dzudzor, B., Huynh, L., Thai, M., Bliss, J.M., Nagaoka, Y., Wang, Y., Ch’ng, T.H., Jiang, M., Martin, K.C., and Colicelli, J. Regulated expression of the Ras effector Rin1 in forebrain neurons. Mol Cell Neurosci, 43, 108-116, 2010.
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  6. Jeffrey, R.A., Ch’ng, T.H., O’Dell, T.J., and Martin, K.C., Activity-dependent anchoring of importin alpha at the synapse involves regulated binding to the cytoplasmic tail of the NR1-1a subunit of the NMDA receptor. J Neurosci, 29, 15613-15620, 2009.
  7. On, K.O., Zhao, Y., Ch’ng, T.H., and Martin, K.C., Importin-mediated retrograde transport of CREB2/ATF4 from distal processes to the nucleus in neurons, Proc Natl Acad Sci ,105, 17175-17180, 2008.