Liu Chuan Fa


Selected Publications

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  2. Xiao-Hong Tan, Renliang Yang, Andre Wirjo, Chuan-Fa Liu*. (2008). Subtiligase as a hydrothiolase for the synthesis of peptide thioacids. Tetrahedron Letters, 49(18), 2891-2894.
  3. Tan Xiao-Hong, Wirjo Andre, Liu Chuan-Fa. (2007). An enzymatic approach to the synthesis of peptide thioesters : mechanism and scope. ChemBioChem, 8, 1512.
  4. C.-F. Liu, C. Rao and J. P. Tam. (1996). Orthogonal ligation of unprotected peptide segments through pseudoproline formation for the synthesis of HIV-1 protease analogs. Journal of the american chemical society, 118, 307-312.
  5. C.-F. Liu, C. Rao and J. P. Tam. (1996). Acyl disulfide-mediated intramolecular acylation for orthogonal coupling between unprotected peptide segments. Mechanism and application. Tetrahedron Letters, 37(7), 933-936.