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Protein Production Platform

Do you want to get your hands on a recombinant version of your favorite protein? 

The Protein Production Platform (PPP), established in 2009 at NTU@one-north,and currently hosted in NTU SBS, has to date produced more than 3,500 recombinant protein batches for both academic and industrial partners.
Our strategy is simple and robust and allows us to work with many different proteins and protein constructs in parallel. 
Your target will be sub-cloned by Ligation Independent Cloning and expression screened in either E.coli, insect or mammalian cells depending on your preference and needs. Clones that are deemed to express well will be scaled up and purified. As all constructs carry a hexa-histidine tag it is isolated with a two step purification process; a primary IMAC followed by size exclusion chromatography.
  • As a collaborator of the PPP you will have the option to provide us with your own cDNA template or choose your selected target from our human cDNA collection (Lamesh et al, 2006).
  • As a collaborator of the PPP, you can follow the progress of your target by logging into our LIM system where the results will be displayed in an interactive and user friendly way.
  • As part of our transparent workflow we will directly and clearly communicate your results to you.

If you are interested in our protein production services please visit and read more about our services and strategy.

For more information, price enquiries and project discussions, please contact Ming Wei CHEN at