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Peptide Synthesis Core Facility

Our Mission

Peptide Synthesis Core Facility are committed to provide high-quality services for the synthesis of simple and complex peptides. By using our advanced microwave technology, we are able to resolve longer peptides and also sequences that are impossible to synthesize under conventional conditions.

Services We Provide:

We specialize in producing synthetic peptides with a wide variety of scales and modifications to best fit your research needs and we are committed to the highest quality standard with the most competitive price.

  • Custom peptide synthesis
  • Peptide containing unnatural amino acids
  • Specifically modified/labeled peptides (Phosphorylation, biotinylation, acetylation, fluorescence tagging, etc)
  • Large scale peptide synthesis
  • Peptide arrays (membrane-immobilized peptide spots)
  • Peptidomimetics
  • Other services (Please enquire.)
Quality assurance:

HPLC Chromatogram and the mass spectrum of the purified product will be provided to our customers following the completion of peptide synthesis.

Products will usually be ready in 2-4weeks time and will be delivered via Speedpost for external customers. International orders are welcomed.

Contact Us

To request for quotation or place your order, please email to:

Dr. Zhang Xiaohong
Research Fellow
Office: 03s-83
Tel: 6316 2865 / 6316 7087

A/P Liu Chuan Fa
Associate Professor
SBS/Division of Structural Biology & Biochemistry

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