Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Services



  1. What’s the service price?

    Please refer to our website.

  2. If I have a gel band and I want to identify the protein, what service should I choose?

    Package service of protein ID by MALDI-TOF/TOF will be a suitable service for you.

  3. What does packaged service include?

    It includes Reduction/Alkylation, In-gel or in solution digestion by trypsin, desalting/sample concentration by Ziptip, Running sample by instrument, database searching.

  4. How to prepare samples for customers?

    For protein ID service, customers could submit samples in gel band format or solution format. For MW determination, customers could submit samples in solution format.

  5. Do you provide CAF sequencing service?

    No. We don’t provide CAF sequencing service.

  6. What Database do you use?

    We normally use NCBInr or Swiss Prot database.