Biosciences Research Center


The BRC is a multi-disciplinary research centre encompassing researchers from different schools of NTU that are interested in focusing on the biomedical and biological questions that face Singapore and the world in the 21st century. By providing a research environment with state-of-the-art Facilities, the BRC hopes to create the ideal environment for internationally competitive research in all areas of the life sciences, bringing together researchers from NTU and beyond. It is a model of how Institutes of higher learning will operate in the future. This model would drive top level research in the various themes undertaken by the BRC, such as Infectious Diseases, Ageing and Cancer, ultimately leading to new therapeutic targets of potential commercial value. It is hoped that through close interactions between the BRC and the DDC, new drug targets can be rapidly developed to phases where it can be an attractive possibility for our commercial partners.

Biomedical research in the 21st century is a highly advanced field requiring sophisticated as well as expensive equipment. The BRC aims to provide the infrastructure that is needed to pursue internationally competitive biomedical research. Currently the following core Facilities providing advanced instrumentation are in various stages of development: