Research Highlights

The following are excerpts of School of Biological Sciences research being featured on NTU’s ‘Publishing Frontiers’ a bi-annual magazine showcasing research in the university.

SBS research published on ‘Pushing Frontiers’

​Issue 8 

•    Seeking out and destroying bacterial defences (Page 6)
•    Activating the earth's most abundant protein (Page 7) 
•    What a mental map looks like (Page 9) 
•    Why more women get Alzheimer's disease (Page 9)
•    At the frontiers of Malaria research (Page 36)
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​Issue 7
  • Treating Parkinson's disease with anti-malaria drugs (Page 5) 
  • Zap your memo​ry awake (Page 5)
  • Antibodies that fight severe lung infections (Page 6) 
  • Stopping immune cells in their tracks (Page 7)
  • Rewriting the status quo in immunology (Page 7)
  • Conversations: Tinty proteins, big impact - A conversation with pioneering structural biologist Pro​fessor Daniela Rhodes (Page 26)
  • Faces: Asst Prof Sara Sandin (Page 33) 
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Issue 6
  • Infectious Diseases: Tackling malaria from different sides (Page 2)
  • Novel Therapeutics: Miracle enzyme from medicinal plant (Page 4)
  • Cancer Studies: Clues for cancer treatment from Down’s syndrome patients (Page 4)
  • Rats! Sexually manipulated by a parasite (Page 6)
  • Human Genomics & Anthropology: Southern Afrian’s Khoisan people, once the majority of humans on earth (Page 7)
  • New-age medical devices – fresh ways to treat oild ailments (Page 10-13)
  • Battling dengue, one of the world’s most prevalent mosquito-borne diseases (Page 16-17)
  • Elizabethkingia anophelis: A novel pathogenic agent causing deadly infections in hospitals (Page 20-21)
  • Crystallographic studies on ribosomes: Fundamental insights for the design of novel antibacterial drugs (Page 22-23)
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Issue 5
  • New targets in the battle against malaria (Page 3)
  • Humanised mouse model to study human-specific malaria (Page 3)
  • Targeted strategies to kill cancer cells (Page 9)
  • New drug targets to battle a major scourge of mankind- Tuberculosis (Page 20)
  • Discovering common molecular pathophysiologies in cancer, heart disease and stroke (Page 26)
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Issue 4
  • New insights into key cellular mechanisms pave the way for novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases (Page 26)
  • Molecular insights into mitochondria loss in muscle cells could open up new therapies against skeletal muscle wasting (Page 28)
  • Direct monitoring of drug efficacy in cells and tissue (Page 29)

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Issue 3
  • Nature’s Design Principles To Develop Bio-Inspired Technologies (Page 8)
  • Making sense of pathogen-host interactions during virus maturation (Page 12)

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Issue 2
  • Identifying new targets for antimalaria drugs and vaccine (Page 14)

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Issue 1
  • Tools for rational discovery of novel therapeutics and diagnostics targeting integral membrane proteins (Page 8)
  • Virtual and augmented reality for science and education (Page 16)
  • A simple blood test to predict heart attack and strokes (Page 23)

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