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​Congratulations to our SBS Graduate Student, Chen Yun for receiving one of China’s Top Honour for Outstanding Students Abroad

Published on: 27-Apr-2015


Chen Yun, a fourth-year graduate student in the School of Biological Sciences, has received the highly prestigious 2014 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad. Sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the award recognizes the academic excellence of Chinese students studying overseas and is granted across all fields of study. Among the 36 Phd recepients from Singapore, Chen Yun is the only one awarded for the field of life sciences. Awardees are selected based on their research achivements and academic merit. This award is exteremly competitive as all Chinese graduate students studying around the world are eligible to apply, however only around 500 young talents will be granted the award each year.

Mr Li Baoguang, the Minister-counsellor of People’s Republic of China Embassy in Singapore, presented the award to Chen Yun and other recipients at a ceremony at the Chinese Embassy of Singapore on 26 April, 2015. A research member of Prof Gao Yonggui’s lab, Chen Yun research interest is in structural and functional study of ribosome.

Congratulations to Chen Yun on receiving the award!

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