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What is life?

Such a simple question, and yet it has intrigued and excited scientists sincetime immemorial. Discovering how life has developed and how organisms work is exciting in its own right, but more than that, an understanding of the molecular and chemical basis of life is the foundation of modern medicine and food production. At the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) at Nanyang Technological University cutting edge research provides an exciting environment for students to gain a deep understanding of biology and find their place in a research environment which seeks to grapple with some of the great challenges facing Singapore and the world today.

Rapid developments in the field of Biology play a key role in finding solutions to todays and tomorrows issues: From the effects of our ageing society, the emergence of infectious diseases like SARS, cancer and other metabolic diseases,

to food ​security and environmental conservation. The importance of these issues has been  recognized by Singapore and is reflected in the enormous investment of government in the biomedical sector (and more recently the food production and food security sectors) over the last 10 years. This investment has resulted in many new employment opportunities in the biomedical and life science sectors which graduates of SBS are well placed to fill.

This investment has resulted in many new employment opportunities in the biomedical and life science sectors which graduates of SBS are well placed to fill.

The School of Biological Sciences at NTU is unique in offering a Bachelor of Science (honours) programme alongside a double degree programme which combines the SBS Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (中医学学士学位) offered in conjunction with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The curriculum at SBS is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in today’s global economic environment. Students graduating from SBS have obtained employment in a wide range of industries ranging from the pharmaceutical to the financial sector as well as academic research posts at universities and research centres in Singapore and around the globe. Others still have pursued careers in teaching and medicine.

Since its inception in 2002, SBS has brought in top professors from around the world who are dedicated to teaching as well as research. The success of our professors in attracting significant research funding is reflected in the number and quality of scientific publications and provides our students with a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience and training in state of the art technologies and research skills, both at the undergraduate as well as graduate level. All this contributes to global recognition of SBS and is reflected in the high rate of job placement and starting salaries of our graduating students.
At SBS, the rich mix of cultures and nationalities among our professors and students, our varied opportunities to study overseas, and our partnerships with renowned institutes worldwide, provide for a global perspective on science and industry at undergraduate and graduate levels. With the launch of NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, established in partnership with Imperial College London, in the latter half of 2013, increased opportunities for our students will follow as SBS and the School of Medicine explore synergies.

Today, we stand in awe at the possibilities which the era of genomics offers to us. Join us at SBS to share in the excitement and advance your career!

Peter Preiser
Professor and Chair,
School of Biological Sciences